Purification beyond Filtration

Pure Beverage has been providing pure, drinking water systems for more than 8 years to businesses, hospitals and institutions headquartered throughout New England and Florida. We have a nationwide network of dealers and installations from coast to coast. What sets us apart from other companies is our exceptional customer service and commitment to provide systems that not only filter, but purify water. All of our systems provide in-tank sanitization at point-of-use, thereby eliminating bacteria growth prevalent in open tank systems.

Bottled water companies and companies that provide single or dual composite filters remove some of the dissolved solids and contaminants found in municipal drinking water systems, but very few provide any vehicle for eliminating bacteria and bio-film growth once the water is filtered. These systems remove chlorine for taste but leave the tank susceptible to air borne bacteria. Just think of an untreated swimming pool after 24 or 48 hours. Additionally, people filling sports bottles from the standard gravity fed machines (as most do) are transferring their germs to the tank.

Airborne bacteria grows at an exponential rate in open system tanks regardless of how pure the water was when it entered the tank. In- tank sanitization insures pure, fresh drinking water all the time.

During boil water bans in many communities our customers including hospitals and nursing homes were able to use our systems because the units purify the water after filtration. Among our customers we have a substantial number of medical facilities throughout New England and Florida.

Our commitment is to provide our customers the best point-of-use, water purification systems and exceptional service.

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